talking about Guns N’ Roses

Guns N’ Roses on MTV.

I’v been a big fan of Guns n’ Roses since 1988.
When I had studied at Southeast Missouri State University, I lived in the international dormitory.
Not only the American students but also students from the abroad lived there.
In the TV lounge where the students gather, the latest music video was flowing from MTV all the time.
The first song by Guns N’ Roses I watched was “Welcome To The Jungle” which is one of the best songs from their debut album “Appetite for Destruction”, released in July 1987.

I missed the concert tour.

I was getting information that Guns N’ Roses, supported Aerosmith, will come to the Show Me Center, Cape Girardeau, Mo. in July 22, 1988.

GNR 1988

Unfortunately at that time, I was not interested in the American rock.
I really regret having not been to the concert tour as I turned back.

Interested in the electric guitar.

Sweet Child o’ Mine” was the album’s second single, and I loved the lyrics and melody.
An American student who was on the same floor of the dorm had an electric guitar, and I began to practice his guitar sometimes.
When I could play the intro of “Sweet Child o ‘Mine” on guitar, I wanted to be able to play the guitar more and more.

The concert tour that I watched for the first time …

June 29, 1991, that I watched Guns N’ Roses for the first time was at Rupp Arena, Lexington, for the Use Your Illusion tour.
I don’t remember why I didn’t go to a nearby St. Louis concert, but later I recognized that the choice was correct because of the St. Louis incident on July 2.

26 years later in Japan

The Not in This Lifetime… Tour featured classic lineup members Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan, marking the first time since the Use Your Illusion Tour in 1993 that the three performed together.

GNR 2017
I did not expect to see the tour of Guns N’ Roses in Japan, so I was so excited when I got tickets.

A new album may be on the way “faster than I think?”

According to guitarist Richard Fortus, a new Guns N’ Roses album may be on the way soon.
Fortus said: “We are going to try to do another record and get it out soon,” and told the radio station host, “I think it will happen faster than you think.”
If this news is true, I am waiting long for Guns N’ Roses new album to be announced!

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