What is the administrative scrivener doing for you?

Administrative scrivener is a legal profession in Japan which files the national and local government licenses and permits, drafts documents, and provides legal advice around such interactions.
We are also known as Immigration Lawyers or Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists who apply for status of residence, a foreign visa, a residence card, Employment Qualification Certificate and so on.


Many specialize in immigration matters, technical interns, wills, inheritances, motor vehicle registrations, Development approvals, articles of incorporation, company minutes, etc.
Under the Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist Law, the types of documents that such professionals are authorised to prepare extends into the thousands, involving the aforementioned as well as attachments to administrative applications and contractual documents between corporate and private persons.


The exception is when certain laws such as Certified Public Tax Accountant Law, Judicial Scriveners Law and others expressly designate a person in another capacity to prepare a legal document .

How to choose a good administrative scrivener is similar as choose a good doctor, so please take a look and ask will help you.

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