Reasons and benefits of the company president writing a blog under his /her real name

I’d like to write what I’d really like to say.

Every blogger wants many people to read their blog.
I would be happy if my blog’s content was helpful to someone.
I’m trying to write easy-to-understand sentences that don’t leave the question “what?”

The biggest advantage of a real name blog

People who can see the blogger’s face tend to empathize.
I can’t say that it’s ridiculous just because I’m doing my blog with my real name.  All the consequences of the words I write are at my own risk, and I can’t escape as long as it’s a real name.

I’ve always wanted to be a calm blogger. Sentences can be suppressed by writing blogs with real names. I can’t say anything wrong because I write it responsibly.

Personal experience, thoughts and know-how can be the most powerful content

The words of those who think and act for themselves are persuasive. The thought process, what you learned, what you did well, what you failed … in fact, everything can be very valuable content. In particular, a president is a person who thinks and executes more than anyone in the company. It is a treasure trove of content.

It becomes powerful content just by outputting knowledge gained from previous experiences and what you are thinking about every day.
I do blogs as part of my work, so I don’t think there will be any merit if I don’t distribute my blog. A real name may lead to work, but you cannot ask an anonymous person to do the job.

Is it really dangerous to publish real names and face photos online?

The reason why I write my real name is because I want to know myself.
I don’t think anything will happen unless the writer sends out very inadvertent statements or deviations from society. If a blog I wrote was originally slandered, I can identify them by IP address and take appropriate legal action.
And it’s impossible to hide your identity on the internet, whether it is real or anonymous.

One of the cases where you don’t like your real name on the internet is that if you want to intimidate or slander others, you might find it more convenient to hide your name, but it’s actually easy to identify .
I feel I have to be responsible with my remarks by writing a blog with my real name.
This is the big difference in consciousness between anonymous and real names. Rather than saying anything without consequences, people with real names should be less slandered.

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