The first photo book I bought was from Mio Imada!

The first photo book I bought was from Mio Imada.

I received e-mails from Kinokuniya Bookstore, but I always moved them to the trash without reading.

I woke up this morning and for some reason checked my e-mail’s trash folder and found that one e-mail caught my attention.

The sender was the Kinokuniya Point Service Secretariat as usual, but the only reason I saw this e-mail was “intuition”.

It seems that this e-mail was received on Friday, January 24 at 10:30.

When I opened it

“★ Information on the day of the event ★ Please read.”
“Mio Imada’s Photo Album Last Shot” Release Commemorative Handover Event “

wasn’t there!

Why I applied the event

I happened to see her tweet and noticed that there was a release commemorative handover event on the last day of the application deadline.

I didn’t think I would win, and I was just lucky to notice that the e-mail client of the e-mail was just throwing it in the trash, without seeing the title, but on the morning of the day…

An autographed photo book would be handed directly from Mio Imada!

Let’s go!

Now, she is a very popular actress.

Of course, I had to go.

Without telling my family … I’m glad I had plans.

I re-recognized “If you don’t act, there wasn’t be another chance!

I left for Shinjuku by train after 14:00.

The timeline of the day was…

First, I showed the e-mail I received at the literature and paperback counter on the 2nd floor, paid at the cash register, and got a participation ticket.


We gathered at the B-stairs landing on the 4th floor before the time, showed my participation ticket and ID card.

Went up the 4th to 9th floor by B stairs.

Mio Imada in the venue is not yet visible from the passage where people can pass each other.

It looks like she is on the other side of the front partition.

Is the venue 20 tatami mats? Is it about that size? It was not so large room.

When I entered the venue, I put my baggage and jacket in the basket and waited in line again.

When I looked around, there seemed to be many men in their 20s and 30s, and I saw men like my ages.

There were quite a few young women.

When we went beyond the partition someone called “Yes, next please.”

I finally met Mio Imada

There was Mio Imada, dressed in red!

Mio Imada in red

Her face was so small and her eyes were so big and beautiful, and she is so cute.

I calculated how much time I had, but the experience time was only 5-6 seconds.

We had two options for purchasing; one autographed book and two unsigned books, for a total of three books, or only one unsigned book.

If they have the same amount of time to talk to her, don’t you think that’s unfair?

Everyone came out with a smile

Anyway, I got a photo book directly.

When I was waiting in the aisle, it was impressive that everyone coming out of the venue was smiling.

It’s a secret what I talked to her.

Mio Imada

煙山 光宏